Preparing for Marriage

The time between engagement and the wedding day can be a wonderful and unique time in a relationship.  You are both getting ready for the big day, and there is the hope that many bright and exciting days are ahead for you as a newly married couple.

Despite the busy days that an engagement brings, it is a prime opportunity to “redeem the time” and consider the call of the marriage vows you will each.  What is God’s design for marriage?  What resources does He give to help my new spouse and me to build a strong and loving relationship that will last a lifetime?  What do I need understand about my future spouse—and myself?

The Insight pre-marriage program offers the chance to make the best use of the days of engagement by giving couples a solid Biblical foundation for marriage.

What does “Preparing for Marriage” offer?

The pre-marriage program covers the areas critical to understanding God’s design and desire for marriage:

  • God’s purpose for marriage
  • Biblical marriage roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication and engaging in healthy conflict
  • Family dynamics and understanding your spouse
  • Financial principles for marriage
  • Developing marital intimacy

What is the format of the Program?

  • Four 90 minute  pre-marriage counseling sessions for each couple to learn how to apply this biblical foundation in their marriage.
  • One 60 minute “post-wedding” counseling session to talk about how applying biblical principles to the new marriage is happening.

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