The Mission of Insight

Insight is committed to a ministry of change in the grace and power of Jesus Christ.  Here is what that means:

A commitment to grace-centered transformation.  One of the great promises that Christianity offers is that change in our lives is possible in very profound ways.  HBC of Augusta centers that hope for change in the person of Jesus Christ.  It is through the tremendous grace extended to us in his life, death, and resurrection that we can real confidence that God is actively involved in every aspect of our lives.  He gives us both comfort in every situation we face and a call to deeper faithfulness that renews how we experience daily life.

A commitment to church-based transformation.  The picture of Spirit-enabled change in the New Testament is consistently centered on the ministry of the Church as Christ’s body in the world.  We believe that it is in connection and commitment to the church that we most fully understand how God has created us and how our lives become both purposeful and honoring to his kingdom.  Therefore, Insight is committed to pointing people to the blessings and benefits of Christ’s Church while equipping his church to minister to those most in need of a personal ministry of care.

To live out these commitments Insight ministers to in two specific ways:

Counseling.  We help individuals, couples, children, and families in the most challenging situations in life.  The truth of God’s word speaks to every circumstance that we face, giving wisdom, instruction, and encouragement.  We engage in the personal ministry of biblical truth for the sake of our counselees.

Training and education.  The message of Gospel driven change is best when communicated in a variety of contexts.  Therefore, Inisght offers a ministry through preaching and teaching as well.  We offer opportunities to understand the hope and call of God in the areas of pre-marital training, anxiety, marriage renewal, and more.